We believe that any and everything in this world can be changed through the power of women. The old paradigm and ideal of becoming a “Superwoman”, where women had to do everything, do it by themselves and do it perfectly, has done nothing but create confusion, resentment and burn-out. We are not human doings – we are human beings. Therefore, there is nothing that women need to “do” to become “SUPERB”. It is all about learning to “be” ourselves: innately wise, tremendously talented and supremely powerful.

Hanging Up the Cape

How's that Superwoman role working for you? If you are burnt out, frustrated and feeling guilty, it is time for a change! The Superbwoman, Inc. provides resources, opportunities and connections to help get you back on track to living a joyous, productive and powerful life!

Speaking Services

Do you need a dynamic, inspirational and entertaining speaker? Check out our proven topics or talk to us about customizing something for your event or audience.

Coaching Services

Are you a woman who knows she needs a change – but doesn’t know what to do next or how to get there?  We can help! We specialize in helping “Superwomen” who are ready to “hang up the cape”, helping them to become the Superbwomen they are intended to be!

About the Founder

A writer, a certified coach, a speaker and a woman living a “should-free” life, Janet Neal has worked in education, corporations, non-profits, and as an entrepreneur. Her company, The Superbwoman®, Inc., focuses on helping women move from being stressed out Superwomen to becoming peaceful, productive and powerful Superbwomen!

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