What is a Superbwoman?

Listen to Founder and Queen Bee,

Janet Neal,

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Any and everything can be changed in this world through the power of women. However, the old paradigm of “Superwoman”, where women had to do everything, do it by themselves and do it perfectly did nothing but create confusion, resentment and burn-out.  We are not human doings – we are human beings.  Therefore, there is nothing that women need to “do” to make these changes.  It is all about learning to “be” ourselves:  innately wise, tremendously talented and supremely powerful.

When women understand that they hold this power, when they embrace it, when they step into it and BE the powerful creatures they are meant to be, this planet will experience change like we have yet to see in our lifetimes.  It’s not about being a Superwoman – it’s about being a SUPERBWOMAN®.



To help women believe that they are powerful beings; to assist women in becoming powerful creators, innovators and leaders; to provide resources and opportunities for women to BE their powerful, unique and amazing selves for the betterment of all.