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November 15, 2015 0

Living in the “Before” Picture

Posted by:Janet Neal

Here we go again. The cookies have all been eaten – mostly wolfed down in the past few days. Bags of “junk” have been sent off with others not in quite the same dire state. Charts have been made, intentions sent. Ready, set….go. Again. Here’s the thing: I wasn’t feeling all that awful. Yes, I…

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February 27, 2015 0

Live Like You Are Dying

Posted by:Janet Neal

Apparently David Bowie knew he was dying. He planned out and executed all that he wanted to achieve before he left, including a new album, which hit on his birthday, only 2 days before his death. He sounds very much like a man who grabbed for all that life had to muster in his final…

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February 23, 2015 0

A Story and a Smile

Posted by:Janet Neal

This morning, after working out, I threw on my warmest coat and hat over my sweats and headed out to drop off my daughter’s car at the repair shop. The temperature was 21 degrees, with a wind chill of 10 degrees. Winter has finally arrived, at least temperature-wise. Before I dropped off the car, I…

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