The Art of Not Doing

Posted by:Janet Neal

I have learned to trust the Universe. Call it what you will – God, Spirit, Higher Power, Nature – it’s anything but me. I get that lesson time and time again when I have the illusion of control and try to orchestrate life. Don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t seem to work well….

You Being You Lets Me Be Me

Posted by:Janet Neal

My dear friend Gabrielle wrote on my Facebook page recently the most lovely compliment: “One of the things I love about you is we bloom around you; we love ourselves – and have the most fun being who we are in your presence.” Honestly, I just swooned at that one! It is such a high…

Where Are YOU On Your To-Do List?

Posted by:Janet Neal

I have a to-do list that spans multiple pages. I have yet to decorate my house for the holidays. I have a vague idea what I am getting people for Christmas. My mind will not stop thinking about all. I. Have. To. DO. I’m going to get some reflexology today. And eat well, and meditate…

My Summer of Allowing

Posted by:Janet Neal

It started with Paris. I woke up one day with the thought “I need to go to Paris”. It seemed like a lovely idea, and also a slightly audacious one. I shared it with my daughter, who said “Well then…why not?” I laughed at the idea that I could just pick up and go –…

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