Superb PAC: Personal Advisor & Coach

Are you a working Mom?

Take this Quiz!

1. Do you feel…

□ Overwhelmed
□ Overworked
□ Under-appreciated
□ Frustrated
□ Exhausted
□ Guilty
□ Stuck – and no idea how to move/change
□ Other (too many to mention…)

2. The idea of someone I could call for advice, counsel, a shoulder to cry on, opinions, motivation, direction – at any time when I need it – sounds…

□ Heavenly
□ Too Good to Be True
□ Amazing!
□ Magical
□ Where do I sign up?!


GOOD NEWS! You CAN now have your own

PAC: Personal Advisor and Coach

Available when YOU need it. Help is only a phone call or text away.

We know why you need/want it…here is why I am qualified to provide it:

I am single working mother of 3 (now ages 26, 23 & 21), an ICF-accredited Coach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, coursework in Higher Ed Administration, a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and am a SUPERBWOMAN!


I am or have been a(n):

  • Teacher

  • Security Guard

  • Waitress

  • Secretary

  • Administrator

  • Client Rep (Sales)

  • Global Account Manager with technology & pharma companies

  • Corporate Employee for 20+ years

  • VP of Sales & Marketing

  • Executive in a start-up organization

  • Entrepreneur

  • Trainer

  • Speaker

  • Coach

  • Author

  • Stay at home mother

  • Part-time employed out of the house mother

  • Full-time employed out of the house mother

  • Married

  • Divorced

  • Single parent

  • Part of family of 5

  • PTO chairperson

  • Sunday School teacher

  • Web Show Host

  • Networker

  • Superbwoman

In other words….Been There/Done That.  I know what you are going through and have the skills to help you.

The PAC Offering:

 2 hours or 4 hours/month in telephone/email/Skype/texting one-on-one assistance – AS NEEDED.  No more having to wait until Thursday at 3pm…and then having to reschedule because of a meeting, or your kid is sick, or any of the myriad of things that can come up.  You call/text when you need to talk.  It can be about an “in the moment” situation, or to plan and set in motion a new course. You decide what you need, when you need it.

Sessions are tracked in 20 minute increments.  You could do any combination: 4 1-hour sessions, 12 20-minute ones, or any combination.

NEW YEAR STARTER SPECIAL: Try out the 2 hour/month service for $150/month for the 1st month (over $250 savings!!!)  Act now – Offer ends 1/31/17.


Sound interesting?  Give me a call at 973-748-5100 and let’s see if it’s a good fit for both of us!

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