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The Superb Woman: It’s All About the BE!

Here are some book buying options for you:


  • Holiday gifts: If you pre-order your book now, there is a good chance (although no guarantee) that it will ship before Christmas. Technically it releases on 1/16/18, but I have it on good authority that books often ship a month before their actual date.

To Pre-Order on Amazon, click here.


  • Signed copies: If you are interested in getting signed copies, at any time, click here.


  • Invitation to NJ Launch Party on 1/11/18: Want to join us for the book launch party in NJ? It’s simple: Pre-order (either via Amazon or signed copy links above) and send me a copy/screen shot of your order. Your invitation will be on it’s way!

Send me your proof of purchase to [email protected]

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