Where Are YOU On Your To-Do List?

Posted by:Janet Neal

I have a to-do list that spans multiple pages. I have yet to decorate my house for the holidays. I have a vague idea what I am getting people for Christmas. My mind will not stop thinking about all. I. Have. To. DO. I’m going to get some reflexology today. And eat well, and meditate…

Letting Go and Enjoying the Ride

Posted by:Janet Neal

  I wrote this piece way on letting go back in 2005 and the message is just as true today! How will you know until you try? In Gail Blanke’s Book, Between Trapezes, she uses the analogy of a trapeze artist to illustrate the time of transition in one’s life. In order to move to…

Falling Without Fear

Posted by:Janet Neal

I used to like high places. I loved to climb trees as a child and look down between the branches to the world below. I loved roller coasters – the higher the better – and talked my nervous children into riding them with me. I’d hike up a mountain and stand on the top to…

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