Setting the Bar High

Posted by:Janet Neal

I didn’t know her, yet I feel like I knew her. I didn’t share her politics, yet I admired her convictions. She was strong, she was feisty, she was funny and she was a Superbwoman. Today as I was reading yet another article about Barbara Bush, I found myself crying. I felt a real loss….

And that is how I wrote my book…

Posted by:Janet Neal

When asked what motivated me to write my latest book, “The Superbwoman: It’s All About the BE”, I point to 3 things: My mission: I believe that women have the power to change this world in an instant….when they realize it. It is my mission to help women to release that the ideal of a…

Today I Dance

Posted by:Janet Neal

An annoyance led to a gratitude, which led to my dance down a New York City street. And brought me back to being 14 years old and the how important good friends are, both then and now. The #MeAt14 campaign also had me reflecting on that horribly awkward stage in my life. Up until that…

My Summer of Allowing

Posted by:Janet Neal

It started with Paris. I woke up one day with the thought “I need to go to Paris”. It seemed like a lovely idea, and also a slightly audacious one. I shared it with my daughter, who said “Well then…why not?” I laughed at the idea that I could just pick up and go –…

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