The Tribe

The Tribe

“Women have the power to change this world….when we realize it.”

– Janet M. Neal

Women are powerful beings who can accomplish amazing things when they have tapped into their internal assets. And we cannot do it alone! It has been said that “It takes a village” to raise a child. The Superbwoman believes that it takes a Tribe to help a woman to find and stay on her path.

The Tribe of Superbwomen:

An online community for Women Who Have Learned to BE Successful and are Doing Well By Doing Good.

Here are some of what you’ll get as Member:

  • FREE consultations with women who are tops in their field
  • Membership in a supportive on-line community of successful, like-minded women
  • Forums to allow you to
    • Ask for support and suggestions
    • Try out new ideas
    • Share good news and gratitudes
    • Barter for services
  • Monthly community conference calls to discuss member issues and make new connections
  • Monthly informational webinars
  • Discounts on The Superbwoman special events
  • Highlight profile in The Tribe newsletter
  • Ability to be interviewed on the webshow, “Superbwoman Sundays at 7”